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I am sure you already know that Good quality CBD needs to be expensive. I’m also sure you’ve heard the term assumptions are the mother of all *beep* ups. Welcome to the The Tincture Club (TTC), where your assumption means nothing, and your consumption means everything!

A product created by users for users, a product at an affordable price, available everywhere, at the click of a button.

There are hundreds of different CBD brands and products available out there, what makes us special?

At the tincture club, it’s not about being better it’s about being correct. Correct infusion tech,  mathematical accuracy, product analysis, compliance, and total transparency. Everything a CBD product should be.

We are not better for you, we could be right for you though…

It is a simple product, MCT oil and CBD isolate, no preservatives, additives, chemicals or synthetic flavours.

With a subscription-based service, delivering a quality CBD product for the lowest possible price.

It’s simple, one product, one size, in one strength.

And hopefully, it will be an effective product for you.

To do this we have removed everyone from the supply chain who doesn’t need to be there.

No distributors, no wholesalers, no sales team, no crazy marketing, no expensive PR campaign.

It is our responsibility to make CBD affordable for everyone, the finest quality product for the best possible price.

The tincture club, your club, your right, your price!

The Tincture Club 25/06/2020
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