The Tincture Club - Why Us

Aren’t subscription-based services just the best. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Zoom. They give you what you want when you need it.

We are The Tincture Club, a subscription-based CBD tongue drop provider.

I know what you are thinking, another CBD brand which can’t be distinguished from the rest. Well, that is a little harsh but probably true. However, we make a mathematically accurate, consistent, traceable product. And like many other brands, our product is our pride.

Now you might be thinking, What Is the difference between one branded 10 ml 1000mg CBD drops and another. What is the difference in the choices? What makes one bottle better then the next? Fine, there is flavour appeal, ingredient appeal and sex appeal, but apart from all that, what is the difference in the active ingredients of products?

The answer is Nothing.

All true CBD oral drops, that are mathematically accurate, reliable, consistent, compliant and transparent,  are the same. I am sorry to be one to tell you this.  But the only difference in all of these products is the price, and the price of CBD is way too expensive! There needs to be a change in the status quo.

The tincture club is here to make that change, we are here to provide you with the product you deserve, the product you need and probably in this ideal world the product you want.

The highest quality, for the lowest price.

Welcome to your club.
The Tincture Club 25/06/2020
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